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Great moments in hair with Dee Ostrander





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Give him the hands


Fuck yeah.

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went to get my last roll of film developed but no frames came out (?) :(. be back soonnn///

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Entry #1
One day Bob and Will where skating around Boulder, and noticed that the Canyon Center Handrails where under construction and the new handrails that hadn’t been put in yet looked perfect. So after a few days, we found ourselves sitting at Meta figuring out the plan for the day. The plan was to only film some hill bombing footage for the intro, so we went out to do so. We ended up at Canyon Center somehow, and by then, the construction work was all completed. We where amazed that there where such perfect new handrails in downtown Boulder. So after some strong deciding, both bob and will hopped on the 8 stair rail with some board slides. We where scared that the rails would be knobbed soon, just like every other perfect spot in Boulder, so Will decided that he was gonna through down on it. He went straight for front blunt and almost immediately stuck it. The only thing that was keeping him from rolling away was wheel bite. He was getting tossed from his wheel bite into the grass almost every try. At one point he flew forward into the grass and scorpion slid on his chest, leaving a huge grass stain on the front of his white t-shirt. I had Justin’s camera with me, so Bob decided to take some shots of Will. Bob kept saying how bad the photos looked and he wasn’t getting any good shots. After a while Will started going into dehydration, he said afterwards that the try before the land he felt like he was going to puke, but right then he put it down and rolled away from it perfect. It amazes me that Will can skate anything, we almost never skate handrails, not even at parks; but when the time calls, Will can take one down. Also Bobs photos where fucking rad, and ended up being the Cover photo for my up coming video Channel8*.

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